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This Intermediate/Advanced SQL Tutorial will cover the SELECT statement in great detail. The SELECT statement is the core of SQL, and it is likely that the vast majority of your SQL commands will be SELECT statements. Due to the enormous amount of options available for the SELECT statement, this entire tutorial has been dedicated to it.

When constructing SQL Queries (with the SELECT statement), it is very useful to know all of the possible options and the best or more efficient way to do things. This Tutorial will help provide you with those skills.

Although it is recommended that you go through SQLCourse.com (the original site) or at least the SELECT statement on SQLCourse.com, it isn't required. YOu can start with this site, and then proceed to SQLCourse.com when you are finished. SQLCourse.com covers four other SQL Commands and allows you to practice those as well.

Note: This Intermediate/Advanced Tutorial will allow you to practice all of the advanced features covered here on this site. Not all of these commands are available at the original SQLCourse.com site. The four other commands covered at SQLCourse.com are not supported with this Interpreter on this site.

You can submit all of your SQL commands in the Text submission box at the bottom of each of the main pages.

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