Other Database Site Links

SQLCourse.com - This is the original SQL Tutorial site that allows you to practice what you learn on-line including: creating tables, inserting, updating, deleting, and dropping.

dbaSupport.com - A complete guide for Oracle dbas, including study guides, Oracle news, and online discussions

Technology & Programming Tutorials Includes: C/C++ - Pascal - Perl - Python - Ada - Fortran - Java - JavaScript - Game Programming - MUDs - Assembly Language - Linux - vi - GIMP - GTK+ - vi - HTML - Sound & Music - Electronics - Science

A Gentle Introduction to SQL

UnixTools's list of Useful Free & Shareware Tutorials. Includes: Unix, Systems Administration, Perl, Java, SQL

Gary Beene's VISUAL BASIC WORLD This site contains over 250 URLs of Visual Basic Information as well as a very nice on-line Visual Basic Tutorial

sqlwire.com - Excellent/Free Resources to the SQL Community

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